My first post this year…

I will agree with much shame, that I have been hopelessly boring in terms of updating my blog. Truth be told, I had lost the creative spark since I’ve been focusing my time and energy into moving. Honestly – I did not prepare myself for the ‘adventures’ of moving. All in all, we’ve had a fun time moving in and setting up house…

Here’s a little picture of our home, before and after.ImageHope you have a great Saturday!!! :)

‘Tis the season to start moving…

Hello everyone!

I am super excited that Christmas Season has begun…for many reasons. To start, it’s my first Christmas with my husband. Second, we will be celebrating our first anniversary at the end of the month, and Third, we are moving into our OWN new home. :) I feel really blessed that we are the owners of a beautiful new apartment and I cant wait to get started on the interiors. – Over the course of the next few weeks will share with you the before and after work. But as always, so much to do, so little time! I hope I get everything done by the end of the month. Can’t wait to ring in the New Year in my New Home. :)

It’s been a while…

Hello!!! This is just a shoutout to let you know that I am alive and well, and that I have every intention to keep this blog of mine going. :) Work, amonsgt many other things has kept me occupied and I also had the rather unpleasant fortune of food poisoning. But now, I am fit and fine, ready for more wine. I want to also invite you to visit my profile on Pinterest (Susie Rohan). I’ve been obsessed with all things Pinterest and will be sharing some amazing finds on my blog as well. Adios, until then.

Take Care,


The Tess Guest House, Vellore, India

My lovely childhood home and my Mother’s new project! Sharing a few pictures of the house I once lived in, which has now become a cozy guesthouse. Courtesy Emma Koshi.

Go Goa!!!

To the few people who actually follow my posts. :) Forgive me for this hermit-like behaviour. Work and Work has really eaten up all my time, but I managed to squeeze in a quick break to lovely and scenic Goa. Here are a few shots of the beautiful Ozran Beach Resort where we stayed. Waiting to see this kind of tranquility again! :)